Crafting 3D City Models with Precision and Passion


Research and Planning

Here at CITYIN3D, we follow a meticulous process to bring your favorite cities to life in stunning 3D detail. It all begins with thorough research and thoughtful planning. We carefully select cities for development, taking into account their popularity, unique architectural features, and even customer requests.


Design and Conception

Once we've decided on a city, the real magic begins. Months of dedicated effort are poured into crafting intricate city models. Using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software, we meticulously design every detail, ensuring optimal quality and suitability for the 3D printing process. We base our designs on real geospatial data, adding a touch of realism to our models.



With the designs in hand, we move on to the production phase. This is where the 3D city models come to life. The models are created through a 3D printing process, with each city divided into sections. A small nozzle precisely deposits layers of PLA plastic, one on top of the other. To ensure the utmost quality, this process is deliberately slow, taking approximately three days to complete. Each layer is incredibly thin, just fractions of a millimeter thick. We use Matte White PLA bio-plastic, a material that contains no high melt point additives, waxes, or fillers, ensuring superior print quality.


Assembly and Quality Control

As the individual parts are printed, they are painstakingly assembled to create the final product. Our team works with precision to ensure that every detail is just right, guaranteeing an exceptional quality end result. To maintain the high standards of CITYIN3D, thorough quality control inspections are carried out after each assembly. This final step ensures that our 3D city models meet our exacting standards and are ready to be enjoyed by our customers.